Web designing is one of the best ways to develop services and businesses in today’s world, So it’s best to stay in touch with the world around you as quickly as possible. The web design company helps you design your site with the highest quality and get your share of technology

Website design is similar to the process of creating content designed for electronic web pages that end-users can access through the Internet with the help of a web browser.

:If you want to answer the question of web design, we first need to know

?what is the web

Web pages can be considered as a new kind of document, much more unpredictable and individualized than paper documents.

The World-Wide Web is a collection of documents and services, distributed across the Internet and linked together by hypertext links the web is there fore a subset of the Internet, not the same thing.

A home page appears to be a single entity, but is actually made up of a number of separate and distinct files, which may incorporate one or more of the following, in different configurations:






hyperlinks (text or graphics which lead you from document to document)

interactive element, including:

specially embedded programs such as:

plug-ins (downloadable sets of software that enable the user to use part of a web documen)

Much of what is available on the web consists of web documents, which are often (somewhat misleadingly) called “home page

Websites have become increasingly important for advertising and information dissemination and have become virtual business support tool.

Web designer-co
Website design


The web is a visual medium, so design is an important part of creating assets that

are both engaging and effective. Designers need to keep in mind the technical

aspects of design, while prioritising the human factor. Digital properties shouldn’t

just be beautiful

 They need to create a good experience for the visitor and meet business objectives, such as increasing sales, creating brand ambassadors, as well as encouraging signups and, ultimately, conversions

Website design is a process that consists of web page layering, content production, graphic design and SEO principles. Everything that the user confront and that you see on your monitor screen is the result of web design and web designer work

Thus, website designers have to take an increasing number of criteria (cost, delay, quality, security, maintenance) into account during design process to satisfy the needs

،If you want to design your own website

?you probably have the following questions

?the first question is always the same: Where do I start

Your particular starting point will no doubt depend on your background and goals. However, a good first step for everyone is to get a basic understanding of how the Web and web pages work

Web Design Languages

Web-related technologies

(Hypertext Markup Language (HTML

(Cascading Style Sheets (CSS

JavaScript and DOM scripting

And Etc

Web designing

Website Types

Static site design

One of the methods of site design is static site design

Static websites are usually used to introduce a company, personality, or specific activity. This type of site has only one show mode

Static websites are not easily editable and usually have consistent content information. If you need to post users’ comments or sign up for a website, this type of website will definitely not work

Static Site Benefits

This type of website usually takes less time to design and will definitely have lower costs, also due to the limited number of pages, it does not require much hosting space

 Disadvantages of a static site

If you need to make changes to the site at certain times, you definitely need a site design expert and not everyone will be able to update such sites. In fact static websites will always be affiliated with the designer company, and they are less welcomed today

Dynamic Website Design

This type of site design came about with the advent of the CMS. This type of site is designed according to customer requirements and, unlike static sites, is easily customizable by the site administrator

The webmaster of this type of website constantly changes the information and content of such sites without the need of technical knowledge, which makes the dynamic website more and more popular. It should be noted that the design of this type of website requires a lot of knowledge and professional web design companies are in competition to improve this way of designing and creating user-centric websites

Dynamic Website Benefits

This type of design can create an unlimited number of pages and a fully automated dynamic site content management panel, and the experts who enter the information on this site will be able to do so easily

Dynamic Webmasters will be able to easily change the information and content of their site online anytime, anywhere

Disadvantages of Dynamic or Dynamic Website

If this type of website is designed by a reputable and professional company it is usually flawless and may have disadvantages that can be higher than the static sites and more time spent on designing

Following are some principles about web designing which will help you to design an effective web page

Present your web page in such a way that the user gets impressed within the first few seconds of visit

Keep on updating web pages on regular basis by providing fresh and latest information

Keep your web pages focused. Don’t show everything on one page, use separate pages for separate topics

Make sure that the features used in the web site are compatible to all browsers

Ensure that buttons and links in the web site behave as expected

Use compressed images so that web page gets quickly loaded

Web design  company

As you know, there are many website design companies in our country and each company has its own way.

  Sometimes you come across these companies with price variations, and the question may arise as to what is the cause of these differences. One of these reasons can be the different methods of site design

Web designer-co is one of the web design company that offers high quality services in all areas of website design, app design, logo design, SEO, animation and more

When you want to have a well-designed website, you need to work with the best

Our web design company will always be there for you to run your business with ease and find great success in a short amount of time

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Web development

Web development is the process of taking finished web designs and transforming them into fully functioning, interactive websites. Development is what gives life and movement to static designs, and enables users to access the website through their web browsers. This is done by translating the designs into web coding languages that can be interpreted and displayed by web browsers

Learning to code your own website  is not in the scope of this websiteand requires years of practice and some considerable technical know-how. But our Web design  company can teach you to understand the aspects that go into creating a website, the process that should be followed, and how to help in making key choices about your website

The Mobile Web

The use of mobile devices is continually growing and one of the biggest growth areas is smart phones

 Smart phones  provide more advanced functionality than a typical phone and will have a web browser built in. Over the next couple of years there is a move towards all phones being smart phones so it means that everybody will have access to the internet in their pocket

Typically on the phone you will have a choice of browsing the web using a browser designed for the mobile device or use applications that are developed specifically for the phone

Because of the physical size of the screen on your phone, when you view a website on your mobile phone it’s much harder to read a lot of content and see some of the graphics. As a result, more and more companies are starting to develop specific versions of their website suitable for viewing on a mobile phone

So you may provide a mobile specific version of the website that allows people to easily access information such as a booking facility, contact details and getting directions

The Mobile Web
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